Pizza Wood

Gives your pizza's a bush veld taste and smell!

 As one of Jozi’ s biggest restaurant and pizzeria supplier of pizza wood, we at will be able to provide you will all the correct material and pizza wood for your pizza ovens ensuring that you are left with pizza bush veld tastes and smells. recommends the burning of Blue Gum in pizza ovens. Other types of firewood, such as Black Wattle and Oak, when burning, tends to pull into the pizza / dough base, thus leaving the cooked pizza with a bush veld taste and smell, whereas Blue Gum offers a more pleasant sweetish aroma and taste.

Blue Gum burns well! With the heat value that Blue Gum generates, the base of the pizza is cooked from the high coals, while the cheese on the top of the pizza is cooked with the Blue Gum’s flame, thus making Blue Gum the best recommendation for pizza wood.

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pizza wood for pizzerias

Restaurants and Pizzerias

At, we ensure that our clients only receive the best service and products. supplies a number of Pizzerias  around Gauteng with their weekly pizza wood and firewood needs.

Please contact us for more details and special pricing.

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pizza wood for Pizza Ovens

Household and Domestic Pizza Ovens

Not all Pizza ovens are the same size! Commercial or restaurant pizza ovens are considerably much bigger than pizza ovens made for home use.

At, we will gladly assist you with getting the right size of pizza wood for you pizza oven. You leave the wood to us and focus on your Alfresco experience!

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