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Fact File - Carbon Foot Print
Fact File

Carbon Foot Print

Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable wood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources and to reduce “OUR”carbon foot print. FireLogs.co.za provides premier seasoned dried firewood, kindling and firelogs. Well  seasoned firelogs are considerable for a number of reason such as :

  • Generates greater heat output
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More economical
  • Minimum stove and fuel problems
Fact File - Energy Efficiency
Fact File

Energy Efficiency

When buying wood, consider the cost per kilowatt of energy. Buying wood from road side vendors may seem more convenient, but much of this is freshly cut and difficult to burn.

Fact File - Types of wood
Fact File

Types of wood

FireLogs.co.za only supplies hardwood  sourced from our own sustainable South African woodlands.

Fact File - Storage
Fact File


  • When you store your firewood make sure it is off the ground. Seasoned firewood will absorb ground water not allowing it to stay dry. Never burn wet or unseasoned firewood.
  • The key to keeping firewood seasoned and dry is to allow for air circulation. The most ideal place for firewood is an open  area that allows for stacking off of the ground.
  • Always, always, always store firewood outdoors, so that it can carry on seasoning - not in a basements, garages or garden shed’s. 
  • Storing outdoors: Firewood should be stacked with the bark facing downwards. This allows the water to drain off, and  standing frost, to be kept from the wood.
  • Unseasoned wood can contain up to 40% water, whereas seasoned (ready to burn) wood will contain  15-20% moisture content
  • As the fire wood dries out, splits will appear across the logs.
  • If fire the wood is too wet, energy will be taken from the fire to dry the wood out resulting in less heat to warm the room  and cooler fuel gasses resulting in more tar deposits in your chimney.
  • Always place the next days or evenings wood next to the fireplace to increase the final seasoning process.
  • PLEASE remember to always clean the fire place / fire stove BEFORE re stacking and lighting.

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