Fireplace Accessories

Out Door Fireplace Accessories

Whether its cold or just for socializing, we have fireplace accessories for out door use, so come on, get warm and socialize!
Ideal uses: - out door functions - camping Please note : these fireplaces, can NOT be used indoors!
Fireplace Accessories - Outdoor Boma
Outdoor Boma

Outdoor Boma

The Bushveld Boma is designed to hold fire, great for entertaining.
An ashpan is included for easy cleaning.

Dimension 44cm(W) x44cm(D) x44cm(H)
Stock Code FSF0010
Barcode 6009665585659

Fireplace Accessories - Camping Boma
Camping Boma

Camping Boma

Great to take with on camping trips. The boma additionally comes with an ash pan for easy clean up.

Dimension 47.5cm(W) x 36cm(H) x47.5cm(D)
Stock Code FSF0011
Barcode 6009665583822

Fireplace Accessories - London Boma
London Boma

London Boma

New stylish boma design great for entertaining family and friends.
Only for outdoor use.

Dimension 57cm(H) X50cm(W) x 50cm(D)
Mega Code FSF0019
Barcode 6009665586670

In Door Fireplace Accessories

Whether its cold and you would like to get warm and cozy or socialize with some friends, we have fireplace accessories for in door use, so come on, get warm and socialize!
Ideal uses: - in door functions - chimney 
Fireplace Accessories - 1000 Fireplace screen
1000 Fireplace Screen

1000 Fireplace Screen

Our 1000 Fireplace Screen is black powder coated to sustain high heat,
ideal for your built-in fireplace

Dimension 1000mm x 600mm
Stock Code FA0004
Barcode 6009665584270

Fireplace Accessories - Tuscan Fireplace Screen
Tuscan Fire Screen

Tuscan Fire Screen

Black Powder Coated to sustain high heat. Made with a stylish Tuscan design, ideal for your built-in fireplace.

Dimension 965mm x 610mm
Mega Code FA0057
Barcode 6009665584256

Fireplace Accessories - Log Holder & Toolset
Log Holder & Tool Set

Log Holder & Tool Set

This a dual functionality accessory. Get you all in one with a logbucket and toolset combined!

Dimension 380L x 450W x 690mmH
Net Weight 18kg - Gross Weight 20kg
Stock Code FA0087
Barcode 6009665587349

Fireplace Accessories - Universal Toolset
Universal Toolset

Universal Toolset

Offers you the accessories you need, in a complimentary design fit for all fireplaces.

Stock Code FA0068
Barcode 6009665586533

Fireplace Accessories - Classic Firewood Holder
Classic Firewood Holder

Classic Firewood Holder

This is the ideal accessory to have for your fireplace. Store your fire wood with style.

Stock Code FA0026
Barcode 6009665585086

Fireplace Accessories - Contemporary holder
Contemporary Firewood Holder

Contemporary Firewood Holder

The ideal accessory to have for your fireplace. Made with a sturdy construction for durability.

Dimension 425mm x 530mm x 540mm
Mega Code FA0032
Barcode 6009665586540

Fireplace Accessories - 350 Log Bucket
350 Log Bucket

350 Log Bucket

Pefectly designed for easy storage of your firewood.

Dimension 350Top x 300Base x 250mmH
Net Weight 5kg
Stock Code FA0060
Barcode 6009665584317

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